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- October, 2020
#Tour de France

The benefits of cycling are almost as endless as the country lanes you could soon be exploring.
Cycling combines physical exercise with being outdoor and exploring new views.

A few days ago Tour de France has been held – the cycling spectacle is one of the most popular sports events worldwide.

Since it is a bit too late to try to participate in the Tour de France, we have prepared the perfect playlist for you.

Influenced by the host country we made a playlist that will keep your rhythm up and feel the French spirit – # Cycling playlist Tour de France

- September, 2020
#Take your time

The truth is each month has something to give us – but September is special 🙂

Returning to routine isn’t always easy. Vacations are over, we are back to work, school, early mornings, fast paced days. But it can also be looked at as a chance for a new beginning. Come September we are able to find motivation to build a brand new life, just the way we want it.

We made a playlist that has the perfect mix to motivate you for the days to come – #take your time

- August, 2020
#beach workout

Beach workout is one of those magnificent activity that really make you feel like you are part of environment, feel liberated and refreshing.

With research proving that running on sands actually requires 1,6 times as much energy expenditure as running on firmer surface, beach running is a great way to improve strength, fitness and running performance while preventing injury!

Workout on sand can be amazing experience: with our playlist you will keep inspired and motivated.

Click the link above to go to our #beach workout – playlist.

- July, 2020
#July morning workout

July is the month when most of us contemplate a quiet and restful afternoon. July is also the month that brings us a great summer mood. But especially July morning should lift our motivation for workout up high – like the sun!

We can kick-start our day, enhancing our metabolism, improving our energy level and releasing endorphins that will set the happy mood that will last for the rest of day!

Our July playlist is dedicated to keep you motivated and energized during your early morning workout!

Click the link above to go to our #July morning workout – playlist.

- June, 2020

“I didn’t choose football. Football choose me!”
That said Spencer Strasmore in “Ballers”.

It seems like not a distant hope, sports are returning, fans will slowly but surely come back to the stadium and life will resume.

In the interest and spirit of hope, we would like to share with you our June’s playlist – #Ballers

- May, 2020
#Start me up

All things seem possible in May” says Edwin Way Teale

This is how we usually feel when this time of the year arrives.
Although this May brings us hope and new start, to keep safe and to keep others safe athletes’ training will go still individual.

We crafted the playlist that has mix to motivate your individual workout!

Click the link above to go to our #Start me up – playlist.

- April, 2020
#We are here

Music is one of essential component in our lives. It helps us get in touch with emotions that we didn’t know we had! It helps us speak when words can’t (fail)!

It seems nowadays people are connecting with each other more than ever!
We opened a musical space on our website where every month we will share VikVen’s playlist.

April mixtape is dedicated to current circumstances – #wearehere
Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy!

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